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  • Where is my template?
    Please download and read the instructions included with your purchase for information on accessing, editing and printing your template. Templett automatically sends the email to edit your template to the email address attached to your Etsy login. Please look for the Templett email in that inbox. You need to be on a laptop or desktop computer to edit the template. Templett does not work on mobile devices. If you don't have access to the email linked with your Etsy account, you can simply go to and when it asks you to log in, use that email address from your Etsy login to create an account. Then you can update your email address if you need to. Once you login your template will be there to edit. If you need more help with this follow the link below: Templett links cannot be resent. The email is sent automatically from Templett after purchase so I’m not able to resend it. And the email cannot be changed by me after purchase.
  • How do I print my template?
    PRINTING WITH AN ONLINE PRINTER For online printers I recommend Prints of Love. Their print quality is great, they offer a fast turn around time and they are a smaller printer so if you need help you can actually speak with a real person unlike the larger online printers. You can order your prints at the link below: FOR PRINTING AT HOME When Printing at home I suggest printing a PDF using Adobe Acrobat. Download your template as a PDF with “Show trim marks” “save paper” selected. This will place multiple templates in the center of an 8.5 x 11 or A4 page. Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Go to File > Print to open the Print Dialog In “pages to print” section select page 1 In “paper size and handling” select actual size In orientation select auto or portrait Click print After printing trim your template along crop marks.
  • Do you have an online printer that you recommend?
    For online printers I recommend Prints of Love. Their print quality is great, they offer a fast turn around time and they are a smaller printer so if you need help you can actually speak with a real person unlike the larger online printers. You can order your prints at the link below:
  • How do I print the sign I purchased?
    For printing signs I recommend printing on Foam Core Board. Select the Sign/Posters menu option, pick your sign size and select "Mounted on Foam Core".
  • Do you offer an discounts?
    Here at Cecilia & Sebastian Paper Co we strive to offer premium designs at an affordable price. A lot of effort is put into the design of each of our products, using paid fonts and graphics, and I believe that our prices reflect that. We know that our customers often need to purchase more than one template so we offer 20% your purchase of 3 or more items. Keeping in touch with our customers is also important to us, so we offer 20% off for joining our email list, where you receive updates about freebies, email exclusives, sales and new arrivals.
  • How do I print a double sided item?
    I have a super basic printer at home and this is how I print double sided items. Make sure that the template is double sided. In the Templett editor select your template, then click Options and Convert to Double-sided if needed. If your printer is having trouble with printing double sided I suggest downloading your template as a pdf and printing one side at a time. Print the front side (be sure to double check you printer settings to print just the front sheet), then flip and reinsert the paper, and print the back side. I suggest doing a test print to figure out which way you need to flip your paper. Once you know which way you need to flip your paper go ahead and print multiple copies of the front side, flip and reinsert and then print the backside.
  • Can I edit multiple text boxes at once on the labels I purchased?
    For editing, Templett does not have a find and replace feature. It is fastest to copy and paste the info one section at a time - copy and paste all of the names, then the dates. When you batch it like that it goes a lot faster.
  • Do you offer custom templates?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer custom templates.
  • The labels I am printing are off center, what do I do?"
    It can be hard to get the labels to be perfectly centered. You can only be so accurate because you're at the mercy of the printer feeding the labels through. First you need to delete the label outline layer. You don't need to print that, it's just an editing guide. Then I would try flipping the sheet of labels around and feeding the opposite end into the printer and see if that helps. You can also try selecting the entire page of text boxes in Templett and shifting that a little to try to center it according to how the printer is printing it, ie. if the labels are too far to the left try shifting the whole thing a tiny bit to the right.
  • How do I add a backside to my template?
    To add a backside - open your template, then click "Options" then "Convert to Double Sided". Next scroll down and click the "Add a Back Side" button. Then select the back, you'll see a faint gray shadow around it - this indicates which side you are working on.
  • How do I print 2 invitations on 1 page?
    To print two invitations on one page download your template as a PDF with "Show Trim Marks" and "Save Paper" selected.
  • How do I add multiple addresses to my Envelope Addressing template?
    In order to add more addresses you can duplicate the template for each address by clicking the duplicate page button to the right of the template.
  • Should I purchase an editable template if I'm not tech savvy?
    Detailed editing and printing instructions are included with template when you purchase but I would only suggest buying a digital template if you are confident with the process. Due to the nature of digital downloads I cannot provide one on one instruction. I just provide the template, editing and printing is up to the customer.
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