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How to Add a Photo to your Template

The easiest way to add a personal touch to your template is by adding your own photos and today I’m going to walk you step-by-step through how to easily photos to your template.

How to Add a Photo to your Template

Log into your Templett account and open the template to edit.

Upload your photo: Click the ELEMENTS icon on the left hand side to open the Elements section. Next click the UPLOAD Icon that looks like a cloud and arrow. Select your photo and click UPLOAD. This will add your photo to the Elements section.

Note: be sure to upload a high res photo, I recommend your photo be at least 1500 px wide on the shortest side. You are able to upload JPEG, PNG, and SVG files.

Click on the photo or drag your photo to add to the template.

Resize: Select the photo and use the SCALE tool to adjust the size of your photo. You can also select the photo and use the anchors points at the corners to resize as well.

Crop: Select the photo and use the CROP tool to trim your photo to the size and shape that you would like. Click APPLY CROP to finish. You can continue to adjust the crop until your are satisfied.

Save and download you template! Voila!

NOTE: If you are adding a photo to the back of your template: Make sure that your template is a single page, double-sided template. If your template is multiple pages you cannot add a backside.

To add a backside to your template: Open the panel on the right side, click the PAGES icon, click the ADD A PAGE button. This will add the back page.

Hope you found this post helpful! If you're ready to personalize your own template head to our Etsy shop for easy-to-edit templates for wedding, events, holidays, for the home and more!


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