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DIY Spice Jar Labels

Hey Friends! Like many of you I've been spending a lot of time at home cleaning and organizing. This past weekend I finally tackled my spice jars and I'm obsessed! It's so satisfying having everything organized in an aesthetically pleasing way. I used our Classic Kitchen Labels Template and I thought I would share the process with you.

Freebie - Meal Planning Printable

First start with our Classic Kitchen Labels Template, you can purchase them here. These labels come in 5 sizes and are designed to fit standard Avery labels. All of the label sizes are listed in the product listing with links to purchase. For these jars I used the 1 1/2" square labels

Purchase the label template. Open the email from Templett and follow the link to access your template. Open the label template and click the text box to start editing the text for your specific spices.

Once you're finished editing, don't forget to delete the outline layer. These outlines are just guides, you don't want to print them. Download your template as a PDF or Jpeg.

Next print your labels. Open your PDF or Jpeg. Click File and open the Print Dialog, be sure to select 100% scale or full size. Print your labels.

Note: It's a good idea to do a test print first to make sure everything is lining up before printing the whole batch.

Now label your jars and fill with your herbs and spices. Click here for the bottles I use.

To make your project easier I complied a list of Herbs, Spices and Pantry Items. Download it below.

Download PDF • 2.68MB

Hope you loved this post!! xoxo, Crystal


PS: Be sure to tag me on social media if you share any photos. I’d love to see the creative ways you are using our template! @cecilia.sebastianpaperco #ceciliasebastianpaperco And follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more DIY's, freebies, new products and sales.


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